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​Placenta therapy

Placenta injection

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Placenta injection

Our hospital handles Melsmon and Laennec, which is approved from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

Placenta  protects and raises the baby. It contains many factors and nutrients necessary for the growth of a baby. Placenta is effective in repairing and regenerating cells, and is effective against anti-aging and many physical disorders.

Placenta therapy has a history of being used as a medicine in the West and the East Culture. It is said to have been used by Hippocrates  in ancient Greece, also known as the father of Western medicine, and has been used as a crude drug in China under the name of Shikawasha.

In the 1930s, Dr. VP Firatov announced a treatment to bury the placenta tissue under the skin, and it was developed as a treatment because was effective for healing the wounds of soldiers.

It became easier and safer to treat after the placenta extract could be injected subcutaneously in the 1950s.

You can receive this long-established placenta subcutaneous injection at our hospital.


Expected effect of placenta

The efficacy that has been scientifically proven in Japan as an approved drug for placenta injection is menopausal disorders, lactation deficiency (Melsmon), and liver function improvement (Laennec) in chronic liver disease.

Since our hospital provides non-insurance medical care, placenta therapy can be received even for patients who do not have these diseases.

Effect for Cosmetic dermatology area

Placenta, which is rich in amino acids necessary for living organisms, has the function of moisturizing the skin, smoothing the texture, normalizing turnover, and maintaining healthy skin.

  • Anti-aging, skin-beautifying effect, age spots, dullness, wrinkles, acne (suppresses inflammation, redness and itchiness), moisturizing effect on dry skin



  • Recovery from fatigue, stiff shoulders, allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis / hay fever / asthma, irregular menstruation, sleep disorders, depression

Precautions for placenta injection

Although it is a product that has been inactivated for viruses and screened for infectious diseases, it was explained before using this drug because the risk of unknown infectious diseases and the risk of prion disease cannot be ruled out. It is necessary to have consent.
In Japan, you will not be able to donate blood.
Melsmon and Laennec have not reported these infections since their launch.

​Placenta injection options

It can be injected not only to the arm but also to the desired part under the skin. Intramuscular injection is also possible.
When the amount is large, the abdomen and waist are also recommended.
Since I often hit it regularly, it is easier to continue by reducing the pain of each needlestick if possible.
You can also choose a fine needle as an option .

Placenta supplement

Placenta supplement limited to medical institutions

We have prepared "Melsmon Pure Crystal Capsule" as a placenta to drink. This is a limited edition product that can only be purchased at medical institutions. You can take placenta at home more easily than injection.
Placenta therapy in combination with placenta supplement on weekdays and placenta injection on weekends is also recommended.



​​It is a display including tax

Placenta injection

<Regular price>
1A 800 yen 2A 1600 yen

​Placenta capsule

30 days per box
16200 yen

​MELSMON Pure Crystal Capsule

Other initial consultation fee 1100 yen

* If you only purchase placenta capsules, there is no initial consultation fee.

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