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​Baby peel
(Chemical peeling)

Baby peel is a chemical peel using salicylic acid macrogol. By peeling off the accumulated old stratum corneum and promoting the production of collagen in the dermis, the texture of the skin is adjusted and the skin becomes firm.

Baby peel (salicylic acid peeling) is recommended for these people

● Acne, acne scars

● Dullness and darkening of the skin

● Opening of pores

● Fine wrinkles and sagging


Some people may feel a tingling sensation, but it is a painless treatment.

It is a treatment that you can easily feel the effect if you receive it about 5 times with a frequency of 2 to 4 weeks.

The treatment is performed with the makeup removed. If you need makeup after cleansing / treatment, please bring it with you.

* People who have undergone a peeling acne drug or a peeling treatment within one week cannot perform the treatment.

* People with aspirin allergies cannot be treated.

Please make a reservation by phone during business hours or from the web.

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