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Doctor's cosmetics

​Whitening, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles


​Hydroquinone + tretinoin therapy

​Reduces melanin and expels it. Cosmetics pursuing aesthetic medicine developed by a dermatologist.

Hydroquinone has (1) melanin synthesis inhibitory action and (2) melanin-producing cells and melanocyte activity. Therefore, it has a strong whitening effect, and it is said that the whitening effect is about 100 times that of the whitening ingredients contained in commercial whitening cosmetics such as arbutin and kojic acid.

Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A. (1) Peeling action of the stratum corneum (2) Promoting turnover and excreting melanin (3) Promoting collagen production in the dermis, increasing skin elasticity and improving fine wrinkles (4) Sebum secretion It has the effect of suppressing.

Vitamin C derivatives are ingredients developed to stabilize vitamin C and increase its penetration into the skin. ① Antioxidant action, removal of active oxygen ➡ Suppressing telomere shortening and preventing skin aging ② Melanin production inhibitory action ③ Collagen production promoting action ④ Sebum secretion suppressing action ⑤ Collagen production promoting action in the dermis, etc. there is.

By combining hydroquinone, tretinoin, and vitamin C derivatives, you can more effectively perform whitening and spot treatment.

Oral administration of vitamin C and tranexamic acid is effective in treating spots and dullness such as chloasma.

In a study of Japanese people, it was reported that oral administration for 6 weeks was effective for about 80% of chloasma.

For melasma, double dose is recommended at the beginning of treatment.

* Those who are pregnant, may become pregnant, have a tendency to coagulate blood, have a history of cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction, or are taking pills or sex hormones.I cannot take tranexamic acid.

​Oral treatment of chloasma and spots


5% hydroquinone cream1800 yen

0.1% tretinoin cream 1800 yen


Vitamin C derivative lotion 100ml 2800 yen


Set of 3 types 6400 yen ➡ 5900 yen


Whitening single set (recommended for maintenance period)

Vitamin C oral administration 750 mg / day for 30 days

Oral tranexamic acid 500 mg / day for 30 days

3000 yen

Whitening double set (recommended at the start of treatment)

Vitamin C oral administration 1500 mg / day for 30 days

Oral tranexamic acid 1000 mg / day for 30 days

5800 yen

Other initial consultation / counseling fee 1100 yen

There is no initial consultation fee for purchasing Vitamin C lotion alone.

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